OpenStage SDK

Hello world!

OpenStage SDK is a software development kit (SDK), which I’ve developed for OpenStage 60/80 SIP phones during my internship in Siemens Enterprise Communications (now Unify). Main purpose of it is making creation of OpenStage 60/80 XML applications a lot easier. OpenStage phone has several APIs (application programming interfaces) for: creating GUI (graphical user interface), direct key input, audio streaming and push. OpenStageSDK makes it easier to use these APIs, because it unifies them into a single library.

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MB Schedule

A tool made by a student and made for a student. It allows you to create your own lessons timetable or any other weekly activities plan in a special creator inside the application.

MB Timer

Great tool for all those, who want to measure time. MIDlet has two modes. First is the lap mode, in which it is possible to measure up to 50 periods of time. Second is called rests mode, useful especially for long distance runners.

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MB SubTimer

It is the application that allows you to quickly find out how long does it take to ride from one Warsaw subway station to another. Program calculates the total time by summing intervals between stations. MIDlet database currently supports routes between stations Kabaty and Plac Wilsona, and any sub-route.

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